The Legend of WOOH

WOOH Records was created in an old Swiss farmhouse in October 2012 by Sascha, Tyko, Duncan, Brett, Matt and Nick—all members of Captain Ludd. Outside, fat red roosters strutted among old, twisted pear trees while Mat hunted for “critters” in a cornfield with his bow and arrows; inside, various Luddites found themselves cooking … setting up recording equipment … drinking homemade wine … building chairs … typing long letters on a creaky old Underwood … drawing up plans for building our own single-engine turbo-pro airplane (based on the Pilatus PC-12) … singing our own songs and playing on instruments made With Our Own Hands.

When folks from the local town saw what we were doing, they wanted to get involved. They said we looked like we were havin’ a good time. We were.

Since that sweet October, our little community has been quietly growing. Now the WOOH Family is proud to say we’ve got members all over Switzerland and also in Scotland, Germany, France, and Sweden. We’ve added a few new WOOH Family members in India … and in the USA you can find WOOH people in New York, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico and California.

What do we all have in common? A passion for enjoying great home-grown music and living “the good life".


WOOH is much more than a record label. We also offer



Film-music soundtracks

Studio recording/engineering/production services

Hand-crafted guitars and mandolins (Runesson Guitars)

Custom-made microphones

Song and poetry-writing workshops

Music concerts and spoken-word performances

Limited-edition vinyl pressings from our label-mates

Membership opportunities (members get “secret” songs, surprise gifts, invitations to our various workshops and studios, and small works of art in the mail) -> become a member

Keep coming back

Once you’ve discovered us, we think you’ll want to stick around to see what’s next. We’re always working to bring you new musical surprises. Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to download free music and to enjoy the thoughts posted on our blog. Our aim to keep you coming back more.

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